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Sarah Philips: Grace

Artist: Sarah Philips – 2020, 56 x 76cm (or 22 x 30 inches)

Watercolours and gouache and acrylics on 640gsm hot-press arches paper. No photographer credited due to the images being improvised after research.

Price 1550 USD + Shipping


She blew our minds with her sharks, especially her work, “Dancers” that she did from a @oceanramsey photograph and can be seen with “Healthy Oceans Need Health Sharks”.

We knew this beauty would be the perfect fit for Art for Sharks, she is our first female Artist and she couldn’t be more perfect for so many reasons. First: her Art. Second: her respect for the Ocean and Sharks. Third: the potential she has to make change happen. We are so happy she is part of our Team from here on out and we believe she will help grow our voices so that the world can hear how important our cause is.

More about Sarah: She is a 24 year-old painter who specializes in portraiture and oceanic subjects, primarily in water colors and acrylics. She grew up in a small coastal town in Queensland, and is now based in Brisbane. She has been self-taught and in practice for over a decade. She prefers not to explain what her work is about (although curiosity is always welcome and she’ll happily answer questions), she prefers to let the work stand alone, and to let interpretation be natural and unguided…

Sarah has been in group and solo shows, and has won some awards- but to date, this online platform with Shark Stewards is the most exciting and rewarding projects she’s had the pleasure to be part of.

She recognizes that marine conservation is an incredibly crucial issue, and is thrilled to be supporting an organization who does such great work,

Her message from her to you: “Please know that if you are able to make a purchase and generously decide to do so, 25% or more of the sale price is donated to Shark Stewards, so thank you for making a contribution towards the preservation of these beautiful animals, and for supporting artists in these troubling times.”

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