Project Description

Keale Comstock

Artist: Keale Comstock


BIO:  North Shore based Artist, he has been an artist for most of his life. He paints, draws, and makes ceramics. He blended his skills learned in art classes and ceramics along with self taught techniques using pen, pencil, pastels, gouache, oils, and acrylics. He is passionate about nature and especially the ocean, where he spends a lot of time surfing or swimming. You will often see his work reflecting nature and landscape images, especially of places that he adores.

Born and raised at Ocean Beach, San Francisco and Marin County, his art reflects the essence of the environment he respects. You will find him picking up trash while on a walk with him as he deeply cares about our Earth. You may find him sketching at the beach, not bothered if the tide sweeps his art away. 

Each of his works tell a story. Ask him about it and he will be happy to share.

Currently Keale is Artist in Residence at Waihuena Farm on the North Shore.

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Art Medium

pen, pencil, pastels, gouache, oils, and acrylics

Artist Location

Haleiwa, O’ahu

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