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The Single Fin Theory: Kevin Mirsky

Artist: Kevin Mirsky



Kevin grew up in a small A-Frame house on the side of Mt. Tamalpais, with a view of the peak, the sun, the fog, and all the redwood trees in between. An only child, Kevin often spent hours alone, drawing pictures and covering all four walls and even the ceiling of his bedroom with his early creations. Kevin’s mother instilled in him a deep love and respect for nature, taking him on adventures backpacking in the High Sierra and Grand Tetons at a very early age.   They spent three years living aboard a 36 foot sailboat in the Sausalito Harbor and it was around this time that Kevin began surfing, a passion that continues to both define and delight him to this day.

In addition to a strict diet of outdoor living and adventure, Kevin is also deeply interested in the human condition and his illustrations are a reflection of his reverence for misfits, miscreants and the independent thinkers of the surf and skate culture. Kevin’s voice celebrates self-doubt, pensive thoughts and excessive introspection and does so with a wry humor and endearing sincerity. His work is simple and at times charming, but there is also a certain seriousness to each piece.

Kevin has shown throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Recently he has exhibited his art at the Great Highway Gallery, Bolinas Commons, Neve & Hawk and Sawyer Supply. His work has also appeared in magazines and for brands such as Cleary Bicycles, Proof Lab Surf Shop and Caddis Life. Kevin also volunteers his time and art work with organizations like Sustain Surf, MeWater Foundation and A Walk On Water.

The Single Fin Theory
Art Medium

“Tandem” a limited run of 10
prints with all sales going to @sharkstewards / @artforsharks signed and numbered,, pigment printed on entrada rag paper

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San Anselmo, California


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