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Mark Cunningham: Mixed Media

Artist: Mark Cunningham


BIO: We are honored to have this true Waterman’s work…Introducing Mark Cunningham.

Made in Hawaii, born in Massachusetts, he has been in love with the ocean and surf for over 60 years.  Punahou released him in 1974 for good behavior…A retired City & County of Honolulu Lifeguard he still spends the bulk of his time on the beach and in the water. 

As much as Mark loves to ride waves he’s just as intrigued with what lies beneath them.

When the conditions allow, he dons mask, fins and snorkel and makes the most out of exploring and scavenging reefs and impact zones for exercise and treasure… (photo Burkard and @zakbush)

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Art Medium

Mixed media- with surfboard fins

Artist Location

Honolulu, Hawaii


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